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ASDS is committed to fostering life-long learning for dermatologists, as reflected in its first Core Goal:
    Dermatologists will benefit from a body of knowledge about dermatologic surgery that the ASDS is instrumental in developing, sustaining and transferring.
To that end, ASDS brings you an on-line portal for easy access to dermatologic surgery distance learning!
Log-on, and proceed to ASDS Courses. Access educational modules and maintain a record of your course participation 24/7.
For members, “My CME” allows you to print an up-to-date record of CME for ASDS online courses in which you’ve participated and for which you have claimed credit.

ASDS is further pleased to announce the new Circle of Excellence Program. Through this program, members will commit to learning activities along specific dermatologic surgery core-curriculum track, engage in self-assessment, and upon passing receive a Circle of Excellence designation.
Be one of the first to benefit from the ASDS’ new Circle of Excellence Program, with a Circle of Excellence in Fillers Designation.
Start first by reviewing the Fillers Participation Requirements and the established Fillers Core-curriculum. Then claim credit for the ASDS activities on fillers in which you have participated. As soon as you feel you have satisfied the necessary requirements, click the Request Self-assessment Access button. Upon verification, you will be notified to proceed to the comprehensive fillers self-assessment activity.
By completing the self-assessment with an 85 percent correct response rate, you will have earned a Circle of Excellence in Fillers designation that will serve as an attestation to your peers and patients that you have taken the extra step toward a commitment to Excellence.

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